Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join BeTheMatch Registry if I am over age of 45?

Answer Here

What is statistics for bone marrow transplant after someone becomes a match?

Only 1 out 430 people come up as a match and donate. acute lymphoblastic leukemia

What is the process of doing a self-administrator cheek swab like?

Look at Ty's note on the kits for explanation.

How do I order a kit?

Depends on your region, you can navigate our website to your home region and complete a request form. If you have already ordered a kit from, please do not request another kit. We do not want to duplicate the registry data. 

Are we affiliated with BeTheMatch or A3M?

No, Paul's friend started this to help promote acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) since Paul's relapse in December 2020. Everything you see is home grown. Our website administrators are not professional web designers, but they wanted to do everything they can to help Paul find his match.

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