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The below message is a request for exposure for Leukemia Awareness.

My name is Derek, from Fullerton CA, 29 years old, college at csu Monterey Bay where I met my beautiful girlfriend 5 years ago. Her and I found your channel midway through 2020, and have been poring through all your content (fortnite, travel, among us, YT) ever since. After we get home from work we often throw on one of your videos or streams till its time for bed.


I'm writing to you today to ask if you would possibly consider using your platform to bring awareness to Leukemia and the need for bone marrow donors.


My best friend of 25 years, Paul Goodman, has been battling a form of leukemia (ALL) since 2016. He experienced a couple years of remission, however the cancer returned in December 2020. I met Paul playing basketball for a youth org in Orange County when we were about 4. He has always been the most confident, upbeat, most loyal leader amongst our friends - it is really tough to see him in his current state. Paul, also 29, grew up in Tustin and spent most of his youth playing N64, collecting Pokémon cards, and playing sports on the weekends. He got so good at volleyball in his youth that college scouts came to watch him play all throughout high-school. He eventually was recruited to play D-1 Volleyball at UCSB as a walk on. You can still find his profile on their site if you look hard enough. He went on to graduate with a degree in cinematography. Not too long after graduation, he decided to test his skills and knowledge in film with the sea shepherd organization. He volunteered to be apart of a two man camera crew on the Steve Irwin, a ship that has since been retired. It is now preserved as a museum ship in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia. The campaign, which lasted 6 months, took him around the world on the open sea where he and the vegan crew chased down illegal whalers, poachers, and fishermen.


Paul has always been a traveller though. He once took a solo trip from so cal up to the forests and coastlines of British Columbia via hitch hiking, train, and by foot. He has also done exchange programs in Japan, played sports in Italy, backpacked across Germany, and partied in Thailand. Out of all the travel experiences he's had though, his favorite adventure has always been highway 1 right here on the west coast. He has driven up and down it more times than everyone I know combined. Which is why he based his first feature length film on it. He directed it while he was doing his last chemo in 2019. He  scheduled his crew's on site filming around his hospital visits.


He is not in need of money and he is not in need of followers, but he does need a bone marrow donor match. Which is why I'm coming to you to ask if it'd be possible to bring it up in a YouTube stream or have it mentioned in a video. Or even just have a small link to bethematch.org displayed on your screen so that it could point some viewers in the right direction. It would mean the world to his mom, dad, sister, and girlfriend if even just 10 new donor registrations came out of it. Time is of the essence though, and him being half asian american and half Caucasian makes finding matches even tougher. His targeted procedure date is mid February whether he finds a good match or not.


Thank you for your time and consideration, Rae. No matter what, my girlfriend and I will always love your content, and we are so grateful that you are willing to share so much of yourself on your platform. It takes a lot of courage and energy to do what you do every day.



- Derek Sugimoto


*If you need to get in contact with me, easiest would be DM via instagram (@sugimoto_saan) or email sugimotoderek@gmail.com 






@lauriegoodwoman (Paul's sisters IG)

@notsogoodman (Paul's IG)

@goodmang314 (Paul's dads IG)

@chefbonniegoodman (Paul's moms IG)

Dear Rae,